Prachi M ( Dietician)

I am Prachi Managute. I always feel what we put inside our mouth is most important thing,as it nourishes us and shapes us. With this thought in mind, I completed Postgraduate studies in Food and Nutrition. And since 2007 I am working actively in the field of Diet Planning and Counseling at different platforms like corporate, hospital, clinic and gym. For me, true happiness comes when I am able to help any person to transform their body towards Fitness.

I focus on educating and equipping person to correct their Food Timetable and Combination, which in turn helps to improve their body metabolism and composition. Daily Monitoring and Guiding is essence of my nutrition program. Nutrition Coaching is more than just a Diet Plan which enables person to develop new habits, understand his own body and acquires knowledge on Nutrition which can remain with them for lifetime.

Today I am passionate and have aggressive goal towards making healthier society. I believe that you and me together we can do it.

Targeted Inch Loss

What is Inch Loss ?
Inch Loss programs are a set of online Inch Loss programs, designed to educate you about the food you are eating and the exercises you need to be doing so that you can shred fat and jump start your metabolism, so YOU create long lasting change.

All of my plans incorporate both plans to help you lose inches along with workouts that you can do anywhere at any time!

The Programs:
Define 28 is a 28 day online, detox and inch loss plan

Included in the plan:

  • Define 28 “fab foods” shopping list
  • Weekly food plans
  • Weekly recipes
  • Weekly food and exercise diary templates and measurement sheets
  • Personal daily emails from me to keep you focused, educated and motivated
  • 12 cutting edge fat torching home workouts
  • Unlimited access to my Define 28 Secret Facebook group
  • A new YOU!

    Carbs 2 clean/ Clean 2 Carbs

    I originally created my C2C plan for those who wanted to start introducing carbohydrates into their diet after eliminating them in my ‘Define 28’ or other carbohydrate free programs. It’s really easy to completely ‘fall off the wagon’ when coming to the end of any nutritional program and just return to eating the way you did before you started, so I formulated this plan.

    C2C is a great plan to ease you back to eating the right carbohydrates at the right times and it will allow you to maintain your clean eating once the plan has finished.

    If you are thinking about creating a lifestyle change and don’t know where to start and find other clean eating plans a little too extreme, this program is for you.

    The beauty about this plan is that it you can either do it for 2 x 2 week s ( you may decide to sign up for the first 2 weeks , have a break and then do week 3 and 4 at a later date) Or you may want to sign up for the complete 4 week program.

    And remember, after 2 weeks of the first plan, your body will be better equipped to handle part two, as you will be more able to properly digest, metabolize, and utilize carbohydrates for fuel. Your body will also be better adapted to a consistent, balanced source of nutrients flowing through your bloodstream, so you should feel more energized and ready for round 2!! Ta da!!