Hair Transplant Cost - Is transplantation a permanent solution?

Ironically speaking, we all take our hair locks for granted until we tend to lose them. Having a healthy and full head of hair is what we all aim to have that stays with us lifelong. Perhaps, most of us after the 20s or 30s begin to experience missing those stunning locks. A fading hairline can be alarming and becomes quite noticeable with time to pull down your confidence. For those going through a hard time thinking about how to restore the hair while gaining a head full of hair, a hair transplant can do wonders. Before you think of hair transplantation procedure here is what you need to know.

Why Hair Transplantation?

A hair transplant procedure is considered in the patient only after examining the stage of your hair loss since there are several other options and medications to get your hairline restored. Hence, hair transplant is recommended after observing your grade of hair loss and your hair restoration goals. Consultation with an expert plays a very crucial role. When it comes to hair transplant, some of you may not consider a hair transplant in the early stages of hair loss. It could be treated well with other optional methods such as topical solutions, medications, or laser. The hair transplant procedure comes into action only when you have reached the advanced stage of your hair loss or if aren’t happy with the density of your hair.

Hair Transplant As A Lasting Solution

One can totally consider hair transplant as a permanent and the most effective solution to restore the head full of hair. At the time of the procedure, the doctors and experts would be using your own healthy hair follicles to fill in your balding areas or thinning. The hairs that are transplanted are ideally resistant to the hormone that grounds for hair loss — dihydrotestosterone (DHT) — and therefore, it can be considered permanent. The DHT resistant transplanted hairs tend to grow further without hair loss. On the other hand, those hairs that are non-transplanted may continue to fall out or diminish.

It is common to know that many of us tend to worry whether the transplanted hair would look natural or not. As technology has come a long way, the transplantation results can only go wrong if done in an outdated manner. The use of modern technique and equipment for hair restoration will show the excellent result in offering a completely natural look that settles unnoticeable. Our dedicated team of surgeons are handpicked on the basis of years of experience and skills to delight you by using next-generation hair restoration techniques while ensuring the transplanted hair looks natural and complements the natural growth pattern of your hairline.

How Much Does The Procedure Costs?

A head full of hair would not cost you much, but only a skilled expert who can do it for you in a precise way. It is extremely essential to look for a qualified and proficient hair transplant surgeon who can restore your hair follicles. Hair and Skin Clinic has a specialized team of specialists who can re-create and restore your thinning or diminishing hairline.

You can consult our hair transplantation expert or learn more about the procedure to decide if it's a good option for you.